Genesh, Inc

(913) 492-0007

Genesh, INc

(913) 492-0007

4:30 AM:  Closing an Inserts

  • In your MGRNG menu, navigate to (1) Sales ->  (2) Tasks   -> (3) Insert Close:
  • Choose a Logged Off or Deactivated insert and declare the cash and receipts for that insert in the “Counted” column:

    The “Counted” column should match the corresponding value in the “Computed” column
  • Once you’ve entered in your counted values, click “SUBMIT” to close the insert:

4:45 AM:  Please Complete a Shift Close

  • In your MGRNG menu, navigate to (1) Sales -> (2) Tasks -> (3) Shift Close:
  • Enter in your deposits for this shift. Include a “Bag ID” and an “Amount” for the inserts included in this shift. Then, click “SUBMIT” to close the shift.

Sicom Contact:  800-547-4266