Genesh, Inc

(913) 492-0007

Genesh, INc

(913) 492-0007

8AM:   Morning Business Check:

These Tasks Should Be Checked By RGM/AM Daily and Action Taken

  • Please Complete Morning Temperature Checks and Cooks-Outs In BK Link
  • Sales:  Check Sales and ICR -> Report Any Issues To Sicom and have addressed before filing ICR to Office
  • Cash and Deposits:  Cash Over / Short and Validate Deposit Slips  -> Correct Any Issues before filing ICR to Office
  • Staffing and Hiring: Check Applicants and Plan Interview
  • SOS:  Check Your SOS and SOS Tracker
  • Labor Check:  Check Your Emailed Scheduled Performance Over View
    • Make Time Edit Corrections Right Away To Office Email
    • Please Have All Labor Edits and Times Correct Ensure All Employee Clock Sets and Correct